Supporting Gaza’s Children

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Your donation directly supports our crucial efforts to improve the lives of children and youth in Gaza. We collaborate closely with our partner, the Tamer Institute for Community Education, which operates on the ground in Gaza. Together, we provide psychosocial support through activities and emergency toolkits to help the children and youth in the region.

These emergency toolkits contain a diverse array of items tailored to meet the unique needs of Gaza’s children and youth. They include educational supplies like paper, pens, and art materials, as well as essential medical items . Your support helps us provide these essential resources and psychosocial support, allowing these kids to heal and find hope, despite the inhuman reality they live in.

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The Tamer Institute for Community Education is a Palestinian non-profit educational organization. It was founded in 1989 during the First Intifada, with a primary mission to support and empower children and youth. the Tamer Institute creates safe and welcoming learning environments, offering educational materials and programs that emphasize fundamental rights such as education, identity, freedom of expression, and access to information. Through its initiatives, the Tamer Institute actively encourages various forms of expression at both national and international levels.