Volunteer at Young Women’s Christian Association of Palestine (YWCA), 2o23

I was a volunteer with YWCA, where I worked with their English communication, creating statements, advocacy materials and funding proposals. I also got to join danish tours going to Palestine with YWCA on their trips around the West Bank to create materials for social media and to experience more of Palestine myself.

I had an amazing time in Palestine. The people are so welcoming and kind. I met some really great people who’ve taken the time to teach me about their country and their culture and have expanded my understanding of the history of Palestine and the middle east in so many ways.

Learning, understanding and appreciating a new culture is such a special experience and being in Palestine has taught me so much. Also about my self, my own beliefs and comforts.

I’d recommend to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of Palestine to go. The danish house has been a great help in my volunteering, coordinating with YWCA and inviting me on trips around the west bank. I can’t recommend it enough.