Working with Palestinian women’s rights

I worked for the Palestinian women’s rights NGO, Sawa. I wrote an evaluation report for them on a program on violence against women. I have a very positive experience of Palestine – or perhaps the Palestinians. Their mood, openness and hospitality are incomprehensible, given the circumstances. There are many things in society that do not work or do not work optimally or effectively, but you feel safe and included.

Do not hold back! It may seem unsafe if you only follow the news media coverage of the area, but you are really safe in everyday life, I have not met any foreigners in Palestine who have not fallen in love with the population, and you cannot avoid learning a lot.

I can clearly recommend The Danish House. You get relevant briefings, housing assistance and guided tours. The support made my stay very comfortable from the beginning, so that I could concentrate on all the new impressions rather than practicalities.