Working with children’s literature

I worked with the Tamer Institute who publishes and disseminates literature, primarily for children and adolescents. I have partly worked in their administration and with their releases. I saw Palestine and Ramallah as a really nice and exciting place, and I have felt very welcome.

What is the most important thing I have learned…it is hard to say, but at least one thing has been the experience of coming to a foreign country, with a culture I do not know and a language I do not understand, and in spite of this quickly feel like settling in, having a network of sweet and helpful people, hereby creating an everyday life where I really felt good
I would recommend going – Palestinians are a very good company! People you meet and bump into are just so sweet and nice. In addition, Palestine is of course one of the most interesting places in the world, if you are interested in history, culture, politics or religion. And then I would recommend that you travel a little around the West Bank, the country is incredibly beautiful, and although a relatively small area there are big differences from the north to the south.

I have felt very welcome in the Danish House. It was a big help especially at the beginning of being briefed about practical things, local history and culture. Also, in relation to everything with preparation and travelling there. During the stay it was nice to have ongoing contact with someone who would just make sure everything was fine. And then the Danish House also acts as a cultural organization that houses some really exciting events that I have been happy to attend.